Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Kosovo has declared its independence and it is an exciting time to be paying attention to this part of the world. But questions remain ... will the country be able to be stable? Will Russia and Serbia allow it to peacefully change into an independent state? And many more.

However, upon looking at Kosovo, it is easy to see that economics and the factor of poverty is a major issue in this fledgling country. What toll does poverty take on this country and how do the citizens cope with it?

Well hopefully we'll be answering some of these questions upon our trip to Kosovo in mid-March. Over the course of a few days we will be looking at poverty's effect on the population, and how Kosovars' sense of family helps them cope with it.

Through a variety of visual stories, we will hopefully illustrate family in Kosovo and the poverty that strikes them.

In time we hope that Kosovo will be able to sustain itself, and the poverty level will lessen. However, at this time this remains to be unseen. Keep checking back for more updates, and updates from Kosovo when we are on the ground there.

With love,
Michael Mason-D'Croz