Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Just Don't Know Right Now

This whole week has been a blur for me. Having to deal with tests, work and last minute preparations has left me stressed to the point where running doesn't relieve it. Traveling to a new country always puts me in a funk. There's always the unknowns that you wish you could know before landing. I can tell my mom a thousand times we'll be safe but there's always the chance something happens, it may be a small chance bit it still exists. It's going to be an awesome experience being in Kosovo for a week and I can't say I won't be in a bit of a culture shock but it'll be an experience of a lifetime.
I still have to pack. Let me say at least I have a pile of things I need to pack but nothing is in a suit case yet. I'll procrastinate packing as much as possible because I hate it so much.
Once I'm done packing, all that's left is waiting. Waiting for the flight, waiting to arrive, and waiting to meet people we will be working with all week. Uncertainties are hard but in the end the experience is worth so much more. I'm more anxious than anything so I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight. It's a good thing we have an overnight flight to London and that I sleep easily in moving vehicles.
Here's to Kosovo, see you on the other side.


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BAH25 said...

You're going to rock out in Kosovo, darling ;-D

Keep your head up and stay alive ;-D