Saturday, March 15, 2008

I made it to Kosovo and I didn't die...

Sorry for that random title but I wanted to let all the people who told me not to die in Kosovo that I'm still alive and kickin'. I'm in the lobby of the hotel and I just thought I would make a post really quick recapping my flight experience before I forget small details.
Our excursion began at 5:15 when we departed from Lincoln to Detroit, and yes, Lincoln does fly out to major cities. Sitting in the lobby before the flight to Detroit made me thing about the option of getting chip clips for my bag of pretzels, in case I want to save some for later. Scott Winter, one of our professors went on a rant with me about asking the flight attendants for chip clips and pitching a fit if they didn't have them. It was a good way to keep my anxious mind off of flying for a bit. Once we got into the Detroit airport, we had a slight layover before heading to London. I have to say the most fun I had in the Detroit airport was when Shannon and I started singing "Across the Universe" songs while I was choreographing the moves to the scene. Imagine the bowling scene where they are singing "Fallin'" and you'll know what I'm talking about, let me mention this was all while we were on the moving sidewalk.
The flight to London was painful. My ability to sleep in moving objects failed me as I couldn't get comfortable nor fall asleep consistently. I did however, watch "No Country for Old Men" on the flight which excited me because I hadn't seen it. I did enjoy it.
During our 4 hour layover in London Shannon, and I were able to discover a secret hidden within the London airport. This being the ability to think of something you want and it magically appearing. Let me expand. We were walking through the shops and I had mentioned I wanted to try Bailey's caramel sometime. We then walked to the Duty Free alcohol shop where we were presented with free samples of 3 different Bailey's flavors, one of them being Bailey's Caramel. Later we were browsing the alcohol and I was curious if they sold Absynthe and low and behold I found it immediately in front of me. A few minutes later Shannon said she really wanted a piece of chocolate and then a sales lady came up to is with a tray of Cadbury chocolates we could sample. Fantastic secret we were able to discover in London's Gatwick airport.
Once we got onto our flight to Kosovo, we were all anxious to get off the moment we got on the last flight of the day. I made some friends my aisle, one named Nicole from Northern Ireland and the other named Dennis from Kosovo. They were super nice and we all helped the time go by fast by combining conversation with wine.
Then we finally arrived. Our eager eyes were piercing the dusk horizon looking for new things. The ride to our hotel was, interesting to say the least. The driver was listening to what was called "Black Radio" which included a variety of American rap, it was the only thing that made sense tome at that time. It was all a blur. We had dinner at a delicious restaurant that included lots of bread, cheese, and peppers.
It's late here and I must get some rest. We have a lot to do tomorrow and we are on little sleep. I have photos to post and I will probably post them tomorrow when I have more time.


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Whitney said...

Glad to hear you made it there ok :)