Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today was really great. 
I wasn't happy this morning because I was forced into being an audio girl for the first, and probably the most interesting (to me) story. Clay has been harping about doing a story on the mines in Kosovo, so we got some contacts and he got a great story. Although I was upset because he got a good story, I'm really glad that that's the way it happened and I'm glad that if I'm not getting something, at least other people are. 

We were on our way to a second story involving the mines and ended up being dropped off at a school. While Clay distracted all the kids, I shot some pictures. It's days like this that really make me love photojournalism. There is nothing like a group of kids running towards you and screaming at you to take their photo. They were also chanting "A-me-ri-ca," and that made me feel pretty great.
Unfortunately, the second story fell through, but I managed to work my way into the school. The six year old school, which holds 151 students, is in a village called Mazgit.

This is where I would post photos if my internet were working properly.

After the school, I ended up going with the Red Cross to a few of the homes in the bombed-out part of Prishtina. It is absolutely amazing to see eight people living in what used to be a basement of a house that no longer exists. 

Again, I would post some photos if I could get them to load.
Look forward to them when Blogspot wants to work properly!

So far, this experience has truly been amazing- I'm learning so much.
I am really looking forward to tomorrow.
Until then...

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