Thursday, March 20, 2008

Illegal mining

For some living in the Kosovar village of Zhilivoda, mining is the only way to make ends meet. With the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) snatching up any coal deposits they can find, some Zhilivoda land owners have chosen to take advantage of the deposits found in their backyards and dig on their property. The mines are not regulated by any safety standards and miners could work all day for three days but earn only 50 euro, which will be split four or more ways. Just two months ago, a miner in Zhilivoda was killed in a collapse just a few hundred yards from his house.

Poster's Comment: I admit I was scared, but not once I got down the rickety ladder. Going back up was the worst, my shoes were muddy and kept slipping.


Syzana said...

Clay, you've surprised all the miners by going down to take photos. Shqipe and I were praying that the soil wouldn't collapse. I guess it takes some courage for good photojournalism!You're brave and you will definitely make it always!

Syzana Bytyci

tanika said...

I can't wait to hear more stories about you going into the minds. Balls to the wall, right?